Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

These fun, social goats are an essential animal for the family homestead. Why should you keep Nigerian Dwarfs?

  • They’re very friendly and good with children.
  • They come in a variety of beautiful colours.
  • You can have 3 in the same space needed for an average size goat, and they are easy to handle.
  • They often have 2-5 kids at a time, so it doesn’t take long to build a herd. 
  • They are also very affordable to maintain as they convert their food to milk more efficiently than cows and the most efficiently of all dairy goat breeds.
  • They provide excellent clearing opportunities as they love to browse on weeds in wooded areas.

About Our Herd

Our Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats have been raised with a permaculture approach. They are raised on forest forage, protected by our livestock guardian dogs, and followed by chickens who create compost from the waste. The goat’s manure is odorless and doesn’t attract insects or burn plants like cow and horse manure can and provides great benefits for your gardens.

Our goats are registered but we will not be continuing that with their offspring because of our small herd size. We can provide paperwork should you wish to do that yourselves. We have a closed herd which came from a herd tested annually for CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis – a contagious viral disease in goats) and Johne’s disease (a contagious bacterial infection in goats).  Our goats are also free of CL absesses (Caseous Lymphadenitis – a contagious bacterial chronic infection).

Excellent Dairy

Nigerian Dwarf goats produce excellent quality, sweet tasting milk due to the high buttermilk content. They have the highest buttermilk content of all goats- 6-10% rather than 2-6%.

Our goats are bred for high milking quality, with the buck lineage coming from top milk producers in the US. We milk our does and take excellent care of their udders and nutrition to ensure good quality milk. We can help you get started with milking basics as well!

Many people find goat milk easier to digest than cow’s milk. It contains vitamins, minerals, trace elements, electrolytes, enzymes and proteins that can be digested in 20 minutes as opposed to the up to 24 hours like cow milk. It is often recommended as good nutrition for infants and treatment for a variety of diseases! Our Nigerian Dwarfs can produce over a litre of milk a day and with staggered breeding schedules this could mean a yearly supply of milk. Soon you could be enjoying fresh yogurt, cheeses and excellent cream for your coffee!


Milking Doelings$500-$600
Breeding Bucklings$500-$600

Prices reflect rare or desired colouring, pedigree, and dairy potential.

Cost includes paperwork provided for you to register your goat if desired, disbudding, and first hoof trim.

Buy Our Goats

Some goats from 2022 are available. Contact us for pricing.

To reserve a 2023 kid, complete the reservation form and submit a $50 non-refundable deposit per reservation.

Read our sales policy

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